2018 Review

To know us is to know that we are very goal orientated agency, measuring whether specific goals were obtained leads us to success.  At least that is what we believed, and this belief has made it possible for us to stay in business for 11 years.  2018 was a weird year.  Dealing with sick dependents, missing deadlines, losing out on huge contracts, and trying to re-establish our brand development position took some major hits in 2018.  Overall, 2018 was a good year…which could have/should have been an outstanding year.  Looking at our four goals – Read, PodCast, Brand Development, and WordCamp – titles might look weird, however, we are always pushing our agency beyond the boring get more clients, get more money scenarios.


A really simple goal of reading at least  one book a month.  So why was reading so important to our agency?  Actually this was a goal for our lead designer/developer and founder.  This goal was important on two folds.  One was it would allow us to grow by exploring other entrepreneur’s daily practices.  The other fold was it allow us to keep up with the newest trends…and allow us to get better each day.

We accomplished this goal, or at least our founder did.  The actual book count was 15.  Given the fact that he was out of our office for close to 12 weeks tending to a sick child.  This was an amazing feat.  Read 15 books in 9 month stretch and ran our agency to one of its most success year.


The Morning Expresso was on and off during 2018.  Trying to find consistent content and time, really hamper this area of our agency.  With a new sponsor and a little fire under our feet, we are looking forward to hitting the ground running.  We have already recorded three podcast and are looking forward to 2019.

We will begin to create transcriptions in 2019, and place them as blog post.  Trying to share what the life of an agency owner?  The ups and downs.  The wins and loses.  The plugins which we use.  The services that we recommend.  Ways to grow your agency or business, and pitfalls to avoid.

Brand Development

This was a problem area, and still is.  Our agency owner has made a huge commitment to our brand development arm.  We are build on the fact, that we can establish your target audience and get your target audience to visit your site.  In the next couple of weeks, our agency will be releasing a new web site dedicated to brand development.

This arm will focus on Know, Like, and Trust Marketing.  Along with social media campaign and pay per click campaigns…we are looking forward to presenting a couple of case studies in early 2019.  Check us out as we grow this arm of our agency.


Believing that you need to give back to your community, WordCamp which is WordPress main conference and exist in several cities world wide.  Wanting to attend at least six WordCamps in 2018.  We fell short.  Attending only 5 (we had register for WordCamp Dayton, WordCamp Ann Arbor, and WordCamp Raliegh, but were not able to attend [owner’s had a ill child]), attending WordCamp Atlanta (speaker, and volunteer lead organizer), WordPress Ashville (speaker), WordPress Birmingham (attending and volunteer), WordPress Pittsburgh (speaker) and WordPress US.


2018 was a weird year!!!  Hopefully we will not have to deal with some of the issues in 2019, looking forward to regaining traction for brand development arm, looking forward to continuing our podcast, looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones in upcoming WordCamps, and reading books will always be apart of our goals in the upcoming years.  Check out our 2018 Goals.

Image courtesy of William Iven.

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