WordCamp US

The countdown has begun…2 weeks and hopefully I am in Nashville for WordCamp US.

So what all the fuss about WordCamp

One of the interesting things about being a web designer agency owner, using WordPress, is life can get really lonely.  Most of my time is spent developing someone else vision or dream.  Working on fixing someone’s website or creating brand development marketing.  Writing or quoting projects, and a lot of follow up emails.  I do attend several monthly MeetUp to stay current with web design standards, discuss projects with colleagues and friends, and talk shop.  Hitting coffee shops (or as I affectionately call them waterholes) to talk shop a couple times a month, but in general my life is spent working on my laptop or computer.  However, WordCamps allow me to stay current, talk shop and meet some really interesting web designer and business owners.

I have been to many WordCamps, from WordCamp Atlanta, WordCamp Louisville, WordCamp Pittsburgh, WordCamp Ashville, and WordCamp US.  Each of my visits have created friendships with other web designer.  Learning about web design standards and new effective ways to run my company.

WordCamp means Networking

WordCamp has been the vehicle to introduce me to other business owners, with the same issues that I have … or web designer struggling to secure clients, keep their doors open, find other revenue streams.  Reaching back on those relationships to answer critical questions has really help me.

Having spoke at many WordCamps, I have been able to provide some very helpful business information.  Loving to discuss some of my setbacks, in hopes that it will not happen to the next business owner.  I discuss the nature of the beast.  How to stay in business?  Business is business… always mentioning my motto.  “The game is free.  The hustle is sold separately”. – Anonymous Author.

WordCamp is a big PARTY

You run into everyone at WordCamp.  Social parties flow every evening, and not just the After Party on Saturday.  I have been invited to many web hosting companies parties and was provide a platform to discuss some quirks.  Maybe it is a payment issue.  Maybe support issue.  Maybe the product does not meet my needs, having a forum to discuss issues related to my business is very important.

WordCamp allows you a place to meet your hosting company.  Most of the major plugins developers are present.  Most of the theme developers are their.  Just an awesome way to make sure your voice is heard.


There are going to be a couple of bloggers who will find something wrong with WordCamp US.  The swag was not okay.  Speakers did not motivate them.  Their hosting company was not their.  No one spoke to them. You name it, and someone will be blogging about it.  Let me tell you, that I can not wait…been to the past three and looking forward to WordCamp US for the fourth time.  Nashville…see you in a couple of weeks.  Looking forward to some hot chicken, and a lot of familiar faces.

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