Why should you hire me?

The other day as I was quoting a project out, an interesting side ball was presented to me.  “So why should I hire you?”.  There are plenty of other, less expensive web designer, who’s work looks as good as yours.  While it took me about 10 seconds to regain my composure, my answer was simple.  “Why not?”  My prospective client looked confused.

Explaining my understanding of the market (it was my target market), educating the potential client on the benefits of becoming a client of mine, and showing the value that I bring.  Then expanding on why not…sample answer.  So you want to hire someone with little or no knowledge of your industry?  Cost is going to be the driving force with a designer, who you will need to educate about your industry standards.  Or maybe you want to continue having to redesign your website every six months, causing even more confusion to your potential clients.

Understanding Your Target Market

My target audience is faith based organization and non profits.  Understanding the industry trends for both of these prospective clients.  Faith Based Clients need exposure and the project intellectual architecture is major.  So what is intellectual architecture?  Intellectual architecture is the layout of the menu (or navigational system).  Making sure all ministries are excess able.  Making sure location and time of services are clearly defined.  How to join?  Media presentations of sermons and the ability to view past ones.  The ability to make donations without filling out a long form.

Non profits need to showcase their missions.  Photo gallery of events.  Calendar of events. Easily access ways to attend events. How donate? Where the donations go?  How the donations help with the non profits missions?  Ways to access financial statements about  how donations assist with the growth of the organization.

Educate Potential Clients

Every website has a purpose.  Sale products.  Offer services. Explain something. Offer history.  Showcase position on an issue. Something.  Your site will need to educate your potential clients.  How do you educate your potential clients with a web designer on receiving a down payment of balance payment?  Where is the investment / relationship value of this partnership?

Do you know the industry standards?  What trends are working for your competitors?  Remember your target audience has visited your competitors site.  Something made them leave that site to come to yours…how do you make your site, one which is book market for future visits?


If your web designer is not asking you about your goals and objectives, then you need to run and run very fast.  What are you really looking to accomplish?  If you need to make $5,000 a month, then what are you doing to make this a reality.  A great design.  Search engine optimization plan.  Social Media plan.  These will assist you, but to get in $5,000, you will need to cut that up into goals and objectives to reach that target.

Adding value is the number one reason to hire a free lance web designer over a do it yourself (DIY) alternative.  STOP REDESIGNING YOUR SITE EVERY 6 MONTHS.  Yes it is you!!!

Image courtesy of Avel Chuklanov.


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