What goes into creating a Faith Based Organization Website?

A few weeks ago, I was at a meeting with a potential client.  He had just created a faith based organization and wanted to have an online presence. Looking to find out what was his pain points, or at least trying to established what was his importance issues.  We eat breakfast and had a deep diving conversation, which probably lasted longer than he anticipated. Later, I provided him with some parameters with cost and expectation.  He was shocked at the cost, but instead of saying “I’ll get back to you.”.  He asked me why did a website cost so much.  The cost is association with what goes into creating a faith based organization website.  Let me explain.

Planning and Preparation

There is 4 steps to the planning and preparation of a faith based organization website.  You will need to plan out the website.  These four areas are sitemap creation, content collection, design alignment, and reliability.

Sitemap of Faith Based Organization

The plan should include website map or architectural intellectual, which we use to call sitemap.  This should be an intuitive navigation, and be able to communicate with every visitors.  The average visitors will stay about 20 seconds.  If they can not locate a specific page or post, then they are gone forever.  What time is your services?  Where are you located?  Who is your pastor team?  What are your beliefs?  How can I join?  I do not want to join, but need some assistance (maybe prayer…or outreach).

Content Collection for Faith Based Organization

Who will be responsible for collecting content for the site?  While the data can be spread among several individuals, it should be wrote in one voice.  The content should be communicated in a concise and clear manner.  It should be easily understood by anyone visiting your website.  The content should use visitor centric words like you. It should speak to your visitors.

Design alignment for Faith Based Organization

You should have compelling call to action sentence or button on the home page.  Your content needs to be relevant and effective.  Knowing your target audience, you need to speak to them.  One of the reason for the drilling down conversation, was to make sure that your website was speaking to them directly.  You need to have high quality media. Stay away from Facebook and Instagram images.

Previously I blogged about the 4 stages of a faith based organization.  You need to know how these stages will affect your online presence.

Other area of concern for your Faith Based Organization

You will need to add some trust indicators.  Who is on your staff?  What are your policies with regards to minors?  Do you have security? Can someone donate on line?  Is your payment processor secure?  Do you allow prayer request?  Is your site mobile friendly?  Many folks are using their phones and tablets instead of desk top computers.  Is your site optimized?  Does it load up fast?  Is it easy to navigate between pages?  Can a visitors access specific ministry and get answers quickly?


A website is not taking a theme, and uploading some images and content.  Well I guess it could be, but an effective website is not.  That’s is the reason why most effective websites will cost a few more nickels.  You need to have a plan, create an intuitive navigation, the design should be clear and simple, your content should be relevant and effective, and finally your faith based organization website should create trust.

Image courtesy of Ben White.


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