Uninspired Now What

I have been creating web sites for over 16 years.  I have been a free lance web designer for the last 10 years.  I have been uninspired.  I have felt the pain of losing my creative edge.  I have been stuck on a project in the past. I have had to ask my self the question…”Now What?”.

A few pointer to get INSPIRED

When I am uninspired, I do the following things.  I will go to my local Barnes and Nobles, and just spend some time looking for a book.  It could be work based, it could be motivational based, it could be business based, or it could be totally out of left field based. One of my favorite books is “Blue Ocean Strategy” by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.

Sometime when I am uninspired, I will attend my local MeetUp. If you do not have any local MeetUp in your community, then I would strongly recommend creating one.  You are not the only uninspired creative person in the world. At my MeetUp, I will openly discuss my lack of inspiration with some of my fellow web designer.  It is like a free therapy session, which will include a new technique or design element. In the past, someone introduced to a blog post about something that I am struggling with…how does other successful web designer get started every day?  I was pointed to an blog post about “Eleven (11) business owners share their daily rituals”.

Other times when I am uninspired, I will just grab my golf clubs and enjoy a round.  I love competing against the elements and myself.  Those 3 or 4 hours are really relaxing for me.  I make sure to equip myself with two special items, my gps watch (for distant knowledge) and my ear plugs (with jazz music flowing) .  Laughter and a few fist pumps are my constant partners.

Does this only happen to me?

The other day, a fellow web designer called me.  She was uninspired.  I offer her my tools for getting inspired.  She went to her local library and cuddle up with a couple of books for about 5 hours.  She went back into her office and was still uninspired.  She visited her local chamber of commerce.  She meet several of her friends, they discussed her uninspired nature.  They offered suggestions.  She tried them. She went back into her office and was still uninspired.  She went to her local driving range. She rented some golf clubs.  After a couple hours of digging up the earth, she went back to her office.  She was still uninspired.  She called me… I told her to meet me at our local wing joints.

She was greeted with some wings and beer.  We laughed and talked about some unimportant project. I told her about my latest WordCamp trip, I had went to Philadelphia for WordCamp US.  I forgot my coat.  It was freezing. She asked ” Why didn’t you just buy yourself a coat?”.  I did not want two coats, but made some weak excused.  We laughed.  The next day, she called me to thank me.  She did not need a new book, talking to friends, or golf…she just needed some good chicken wings and a cold beer.  We have a standing meeting every 2nd Friday.

Image courtesy of Matthew Wiebe .

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