Unbelievable Dreams 

I just had an unbelievable dreams and it was not about the lifestyle of web designer!!!

Taking the lid of your jar – Unbelievable Dream

While slipping some coffee at one of my favorite watering holes, I came across a motivation video from Steve Harvey (yes the comedian, family feud, radio jock, and beauty contestant host).  It was title “Taking the lid off your jar”. 

Steve discuss fleas and their god giving leaping talent.  Steve discuss how fleas are born with a  48 inch vertical and how this leaping ability can be limited, by placing a flea in a jar with a lid.  Steve provides a sad true story about how his dreams were almost crushed by his teacher.  He discussed how his father helped him by removing the lid off his jar.  A lid, which was placed on him, by his teacher.  He discussed how you have to dream, and your dreams should not make sense to anyone.


After listening to the podcast a couple of times, I closed my eyes and began dreaming.  I love to dream.  My dreams are huge (never small).  I dreamed about my brand. I dreamed about how my brand is becoming more diverse. I am moving away from being just a web designer.  I am working on establishing a podcast, creating more websites, and establishing some new brands for my clients.

My dreams are huge and easy for someone on the outside to wonder.  Dreaming about how to streamline my process.  Dreaming about how to improve my leads.  Dreaming about how to thank my clients even more than I do today.  Just dreaming about how to be more successful in the near future.

And I am feeling like???

I am nervous, anxiety, and restless.  But I am super excited.  I shared my dreams with several close family members.  My dreams were meet with predictable questions.  You are trying to do too much!  You should just build web site and not worry about those other projects. You are successful, and you are changing up your business model. Do you know anything about those other industries?  Your going to get overwhelmed and lose your design skills.  That’s a silly idea, hope you have a couple months of saving.

I just smile!!!

As Steve Harvey said “Your Dreams are not suppose to make sense to everyone”.  I am working hard on my time management skills.  I am marketing my new venture (even in this blog post).  I am not a podcaster.  As I am recording myself, I make sure to listen to top podcaster.  I am in several facebook groups with other Divi  Theme developers.  I am looking forward to attending my local college in June, I enrolled in a couple of classes, focusing on php and wordpress framework.  I am going to  attend a couple of meetups, targeting how to create a podcast.  I am working with several brand developers. I have offered the services to several of my clients.  I am reading a couple of books, which focus on brand marketing, search engine optimization, and WordPress design and development.

What do you dream about?

I will never allow anyone to destroy my dreams.  It is how to grow.  And as Steve Harvey said  “Take the lid off your jar.” and have an unbelievable dream!!!

Image Courtesy of Dmitry Ratushny

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