Sponsorship is the answer!!!

Well if sponsorship is the answer, then what was the question? Many non-profit organizations are struggling to find funding for events and campaigns.  The feeling of asking the same core of visitors to support each of your campaigns and events can be very stressful to your organization as well as to your supporters. How does your organization ease some of that stress? Instead of just focusing on donors, look to find sponsors for your campaigns and events.

What is the difference?

The difference between a donor and a sponsor is a donor is making contributions for a specific event or campaign.  A sponsor is making a general contribution to be used by your organization.  Note your organization needs to be very transparent, maybe the contribution is to cover the cost of all your campaigns and events. Make sure that your organization is communicating that information to all your sponsors. Sponsors can be companies or individuals, they can be recurring payments or one-time payments.


Why would someone become a sponsor? Generally, they have an emotional, history, or just believe in your organization and want to assist.  Sponsors come in all sizes and shapes, and it is very important to have different levels and ways to become a sponsor. Typically, a sponsor will have an emotional attachment.  They believe in what your organization is attempting to accomplish.  They love to share in your victories and setbacks, with the feeling that your organization is making a difference. Some sponsors are the same people that your organization is assisting, or individuals and companies in their inner circle.


What should your organization include in your sponsorship package? Your organization should publish a monthly newsletter. Recognize all new sponsors.  Publish a few sentences about each sponsor and make sure that your organization is very transparent.  Broadcast upcoming events and campaigns. If your sponsors should assist your organization with a donation, then make sure your organization adds another level for your sponsors. For example, your organization might have an event and for a $500 donation, your organization will call the donor a gold-level member. If a sponsor makes the same $500 donation, then your organization might want to call the sponsor a gold-level Plus member. Throw in a few more benefits.

Send a personal thank you email to your new sponsor.  Include a small token of appreciation.  Maybe a gift card to Starbucks or Amazon. Mention them on your social media platforms.  Remember do not include the amount of the contributions.  Just provide their name and social media links. If your organization has a blog post, then once a month a post should be dedicated to new and existing sponsors.  If your organization has a podcast, then you should provide a shout-out to all your new and existing sponsors.

Your sponsor should be listed on all campaigns and events. If your sponsors are a company, then make sure your organization includes their social media platforms, website, and contact information.


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