Importance of Mentoring

Why is mentoring so important?  Mentoring can create resources for others.  Mentoring is the foundation of learning both for the mentor and student.  Mentoring can identify collaborators.  And finally, mentoring creates a community.  Let’s dive into these mentoring areas.

*Resource for others

Mentoring will provide resources for others.  These resources should provide valuable information related to solutions being present.  These resources should be not opinion or fact less based solutions.  My mentor offers me business advise from past experiences.  He offers me financial advise about how to grow my free lance business.

Many (clients and friends) lean on me for advise about how to grow their business.  While all my advise comes from past experiences, some good and others bad, making sure to point out the pros and cons and my position with regards to each solution is very important.

*Culture of learning

Mentoring creates a culture of learning.  Mentoring is not about creating clones.  Mentoring is not about making someone being like you.  Mentoring is about creating a culture of learning.  Providing advise about possible solutions and giving examples or experiences in which you have had to go through.  Some are good, while others are bad…honestly and transparencies are extremely important.

*Identify Collaborators

Mentoring can create opportunities for both parties. Having someone assist you with regards to handling a complex issue, while also providing some experience (and hopefully revenue) is reasons to look for mentors.  Identify collaborators, someone in your industry, looking to grow the community.  Individuals, who understand that having a knowledgeable community, is very important to his/her growth and potential opportunity.


A community that encourages mentor-ship, is a community that understands that the pie is big enough for all.  Mentors help not only the mentoree, but also the community.  Atlanta WordPress Community is a good example of good mentorship community.   Seeing the value of creating good partnership, has developed many good friendships and business relationships.

Image courtesy of Thomas Drouault.


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