4 Reasons to hire a WordPress Professional

In the mist of Covid-19 (Corona Virus), we at JDS WebDesign are hoping everyone is safe, washing your hands frequently, sneezing and coughing in your elbow, and practicing social distancing.  Over the next several weeks, we are planning on blogging about how to make your website more business friendly.  We will have some tutorials on our favorite plugins and features, which will make your site more efficient.

While there are a million reason to hire a WordPress Professional, we will limit the list to 4 reason.  Not mentioning having an Agency, whose responsibility is to create an aesthetically and functional web site.  Hiring a professional, who will create a web site geared toward your target audience.  We will discuss plugin issues, theme solutions, security and maintenance.


More plugins is not the answer.  WordPress professional should have a good understanding of your site functionality.  Having 20 or 30 WordPress plugins is asking for an issue.  Because the WordPress Core is updated on a regular basis, so must your plugins.  While WordPress Repository has done a wonderful job of deleting and telling us about plugins, which have not been updated…it is amazing how many of these unsupported plugins are updated and place on active sites.

Most security issues (broken websites) are a result of compromised themes or plugins. WordPress Professional should test plugins in a beta or staging setting to make sure everyone plays nice.


We use Divi from Elegant Themes.  Divi is a very flexible framework.  It has 30 + modules and is supported by WooCommerces (WordPress #1 E-commerce solution).  WordPress Professional should be able to advise you again certain themes.  Keeping your target audience in mind, is always key to selecting a theme.  Make sure your theme is responsive, easy to update, and is supported 24/7.


While no one wants to have to deal with a hack or down web site, it is apart of the business.  There are many options for keeping your web site secure.  Your WordPress Professional should know the best solution for your site and situation.  WordFence, SiteLock, and Succuri are just a few security solutions.  Web Security Firewalls are another option.


Maintenance deals with backing up your site (not on your web hosting server, but some where else), up time monitoring, page load speed, analytics, plugins updates, theme updates, and search engine optimization.  WordPress Professional should offer these services to you after launch, most of these services do cost.  This is the service which will give you peace of mind, just in case something happens to your WordPress web site.

Image courtesy of Christin Hume.

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