No Worries – Design Process

At my last MeetUp, I explained my design process.  I explained the two most important elements are the beginning and end. You will need to plan out the site in the beginning.  Many of my new clients need to be educated on the planning stage. And the conclusion stage, Marketing and Support.

Planning Stage

Planning stage is not sexy.  We will discuss… Who is your audience? What is the purpose of the website? What are your goals?  What are your objectives? Are you selling products? Are you introducing a service? No design occurs during this stage…like I said “unsexy”!

Finding out your target audience is critical.  Design elements are determined by target audience.  Features and functionality are established by your target audience.  This step really can keep you from having to re-design your site in the next 6 months.  You might have to tweak your site here and there, but no major overhauls.

During this process, you will outline problem areas and work on solutions.  How to acknowledge these issues?  How to determine the level of importance?  What are some of the solutions?

Marketing Stage

Marketing and Support can become a burden to your client, if the process is not explained.  It always fascinates me, when a client will pay $10,000 and up for design (or re design).  Then pay $10 a month for hosting, and wonder why their site was hacked six months later.  Support is not just hosting, it is back up, security, restore, marketing (which can only be established during the planning stage).

Create a know, like and trust strategy.  Getting your target audience to know (who your brand is), like (what your brand stands for), and trust (your brand and what it stands for), occurs during this stage.  This stage has not ending date, as you are always growing your brand and exposure.


As I was explaining this to several novices at our MeetUp, a potential client asked me if I ever “worried about providing too much information”.  Not at all… I am a web designer.  This is not a hobby, but this is my full time career.  We exists in a community where sharing knowledge is powerful in more ways than imaginable.

I learned a long time ago.  I can tell (or write) my design process.  I can explain (or tell) you how to get clients.  I can discuss (or write) my cost for projects.  One thing that can never be told or measured, is my work ethnic.  I refused to allow anyone to out work me.  So no worries for me…

Image Courtesy of Karl Chor .

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