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A few weeks ago, I received an email from a close friend.  He had set up an e commerce site to sell clothes.  His site has been up for about six (6) months, and he had about ten (10) sales.  He needed my help.  Like most new startups, he did not have a marketing strategy. No Marketing is almost a guarantee for failure.  I inquiry about what was his marketing budget, and he did not have one.  He asked me about my fee, and I gave him my standard answer.  What are your goals?  What are your expectations?  Do you need me to drive traffic to your site? Or would you like me to help convert that traffic into potential sales?  He need both. I gave him some homework and outlined my marketing strategy.

As I have mentioned in the past, I use KLT (Know, Like, and Trust) Marketing Strategy. I get prospective to Know, who you are?  I get prospective to Like, who you are? And finally, I get prospective to Trust, who you are? This process can take 90 – 180 days.  I have a very simple process (yes this is not a one way street, you will need to participate in the process). I will need to know your expectations and goals for your site. Goals and expectation are a very difficult process for most start ups.  My new client was not the exception to the rule.  He was at the stage of wanting to be profitable.  He did not know what amount that would be or how to get to that level.  I had to asked him about cost of products, shipping fees, process in place, and return and refund process.  I provided him with a questionnaire, to help him.

After the questionnaire was filled out, I realized how much he needed to make (monthly), who was his target audience, and cost of each product.  I put the following marketing plan in place…

  • Create a blog post – related to his business “Know step”
  • Promote the blog post with a couple of promoting techniques “Like step”
  • Convert readers into prospective with updates
  • Re-target prospective with tools, who did not convert
  • Use a Relationship builder sequence to send incentives to prospective “Trust step”
  • Send new prospective to unique sales page
  • Have up-sell page to increase prospective value
  • Use tools to re-target new prospective who came to sales page, but did not become customers

I had to explain that it is on the six (6) stage, before I am looking to gain a sale.  Some sales might come on the 1st – 5th stage, but I am not targeting sales until a unique sales page is created.  The Know and Like steps are as important as the Trust (sale steps), you have to establish a relationship with your target audience.

The beginning of a great journey with a new client.  If you are having some difficult with sales or services, then email me at  Maybe I can help you with your goals and expectations.

Image courtesy of Farzad Nazifi.

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