Network Solutions needs to understand our community

Network Solutions needs to understand our community.  It is very rare for me to complain about a WordPress company, or a company who serves the WordPress Community.  This past week, I had two run in with Network Solutions, a company owned by . is a huge player in the domain, web hosting, and support world.

Know what you are paying for?

A few weeks ago, I secured a contract for a re-design project. The client was a graphic designer. After filling out my questionnaire, I was advised that his domain was secured by Network Solutions.  He indicated that he was paying a little over $100.00 annually. His site was hosted by GoDaddy.  GoDaddy was his email provider.  My new client was paying GoDaddy around $150.00 annually for hosting and emails.  Network Solutions was his domain register provider.  My new client was paying Network Solutions around $100 for domain registration, which is very odd as most domain registration run about $12 – $20 a year.

Since, we were going to host my new client’s site,  I called Network Solution (to find out where to re-point the domain).  Their interface is not very customer friendly.  After speaking to a customer service representative, I inquired about the annual cost.  I was advised that the client had signed up for hosting (managed), email (support), and on line marketing product.  I asked if the client’s domain was pointed to Network Solutions DNS.   You could hear “nothing but Crickets” from the customer service representative.  My new client had been paying over $500.00 since 2012, and was not hosting his site on Network Solutions. I inquired about Network Solutions’ refund policy, at least for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Again, I was informed no refund would be provided for 2016 – 2018, but the client’s unused time in 2019 would be returned in two – six weeks.  I called my new client and provided him refund instructions.

Find out what is the cancellation policy?

Last week, I had a clients’ site to go down.  She was very upset.  This was a new client, and we had re-design her site and offer hosting solution.  Hosting was not the issue, the domain registration had failed. She had secured her domain though Network Solution.  The domain was $15.00, however, Network Solution charges $50.00 for cancel domain registration.  Some domain registration companies have a cancel registration in place, generally it is after the domain fails payment and nothing has been received in several weeks.  This did not appear to be the case, as the site was down for only one day, and it was a situation where the credit card on file had an expired dated. I advised the client, and she client renewed her domain.  I provided a couple of other solutions, and she transferred the domain to another register.

What is your reputation?

Yesterday, I mentioned Network Solution to a couple of designer and developers.  I was greeted with some horrible stories, some too bad to mention.  I am sure Network Solutions is an great company and provide awesome service for many.  However, customer service matters to me.  It always have and it always will. While I will not discourage anyone from dealing with Network Solution, I have made a company decision to not deal with Network Solutions.  I quickly did a survey of existing clients.  I wanted to know if any had their domain with Network Solutions. None…GREAT!

If you are paying more than $15 – $20 for domain registration, then contact your domain company to see what you are paying for…obviously some domain register does not mind up selling products (which you might not need).

.Image Courtesy of Radek Grzybowski.

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