Your creative life will present several challenges.  Having many interesting stories, it is a wonder that we have stay around as long as I have (12 years and counting).  Last week was no exception.

While hanging out at one of my favorite waterhole (coffee shop), when my phone ranged.  It was a client, who was complaining that their website was down. They had opted not to become join my support plan, so I was not hosting their website.  Also, they owned me for some services render (will get to that later).  Quickly reviewing their website, I informed my client of my rates.  $100 a hour, minimal two hours plus the outstanding amount owed to me.  “That’s more than my pay grade, I will let our CEO know”. .. dial tone greeted my ear.

Some back drop information about this situation. This client came to me as a referral.  The marketing vice president called me and advised they needed to re-design their site.  It needed to be completed within 30 days. I had a couple of projects on my plate, but since it was a client referral took the project.

Started with my design process

PLAN!!!  Sent questionnaire, created scope, asked if the marketing vice president had authority to make design decision. Sent email to company ceo.  Created time line for myself and client.  Content was needed within 10 days.

DESIGN!!! Created intellectual architecture (navigational system and site map). Follow up on content.

BUILD!!! Created demo site. Designed all the pages and sent it to the marketing vice president. Was advised that it would be presented to the executive board for final  revisions.

Curve ball came next

The marketing vice president did not have as much control as advised. CEO and Operational Vice President requested several scope changes. Pointed out that scope changes mean additional cost, the CEO advised funds were limited. Advised CEO that no additional cost would be forward (mistake on my part), but hard line deadline would have to be moved, at least two weeks. CEO agreed. Send email to board about new agreement.

Rebuild demo site.  Sent it to the board. Everyone loved it.

TEST!!! Checked all the links and sent balance to client.

LAUNCH!!! Received balance and moved demo to client’s portal (url).

Received call from the Human Resource Manager, wanted to have the ability to add new opportunities via form (custom post). Not a problem, but it would cost $500 to add this to the site. CEO email me that would be okay.  Advise it would take about 2 days.

Put custom post on the site.  Sent marketing vice president a paypal invoice.  A week went by… no payment.  Remember, that this client had always sent me checks. Generated invoice and mailed it out.  A week went by… no payment. Called marketing vice president, left message about the invoice.   No return call…couple days later called the client again and left message. Again no return call…decided to disable custom post, my access was deleted. Chalked it up to mistake on my part…LESSON LEARNED.

Back to the issue

Received call from the CEO at lunch time, he was screaming that the custom post was a trail off for missing the deadline. They threaten to sue me if the site was not corrected within 2 days. I reached out to my attorney.  Long story short…after a couple of emails and calls from each attorney, I did make the corrections and was paid for the custom post.

Never a dull day…

Image Courtesy of Quincy Alivio.

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