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I have been caring for a sick relative these last couple of months, and got a chance to read Michael Glauser’s “Main Street Entrepreneur”.  What a wonderful book about a author, who rode his bike 4,000 miles over 45 days (246 hours on a bike seat) and conduct over 100 interviews with small town entrepreneur.  He outlines nine powerful keys to build your own business.

I am not going to repeat what is in the book, but I will give my feeling on the 9 powerful keys.

Building Purpose Driven Business

When my company was originally formed, my client’s were faith based organizations.  Something was drawing me to them…or maybe they was drawn to me.  Not sure, which is correct.  This did create a foundation of building relationships with purpose driven business.  Business, which believed in their services, products, and agenda.

Meet Important Community Needs

If you have read any of my post, then you know my love for watering holes (coffee shops) and giving advice to newbies.  Never looking at newbies as competitors or someone, who can take a potential project, has actually allow me to grow as a business.  Having to assist my community (web design and branding development) members, in securing new clients, developing design process, obtaining legal and accounting expertise, and keeping up with the latest trends, does more for me than my competitors. It makes me accountable to my community.

Develop Supporting Cast

This is very new to me, as being a solo-entrepreneur has always been my main objective. But realizing that trying to learn all skills necessary to survive in this world.  Is just not realistic.  Working with some great developers, graphic designer, content writers, and social media experts…just makes sense in the long run.

Utilize Host of Resources (other than money)

What else is important outside of money?  Friends!  People, who you can count on to provide good business information.  People, who like to share family stories.  People, who care for you …when life hands you lemons instead of wine.  My resources are the many relationships, which have been formed over these ten plus years.

Work on Zealous Tenacity

My business mentor once told me to ask a success agency “about how they are growing their company”.  Being incredible arrogant, because the fear that someone knew my business was failing…was unbearable.  It took me over six months to secure a meeting. PRIDE…not a good word for business owners.  My business mentor, would later tell me…”one who is not willing to give you his or her receipt is probably failing.  The one thing, no one can duplicate is EFFORT.”  My zealous tenacity is the long hours spent learning and developing my craft.

Give Mind Boggling Customer Services

I have an awesome client.  She give the best customer services to her clients.  She might not have the answer.  It might take her a few days.  Maybe the answer is not what the client wants to hear.  She falls on that sword and keeps providing “availability” to her clients.  Someone once said the best thing you can be is available, and not sitting on the sidelines.

Diversified Revenues Streams

I am working on a couple of revenue streams.  Having to care for a sick relative, these revenue streams keep my doors open.  And this was not an expect illness…just life handing me some lemons instead of lemonade.

Give Back to Broader Community

Working with the WordPress Community and more specific the WordCamp Community is AWESOME.  While it is not easy work, seeing someone who was very nervous … now running a successful company.  Seeing someone wanting to speak at WordCamp or a local MeetUp.  Having a novice Search Engine Optimization (SEO) speaker, now running their own MeetUp. That is why I do it…giving back is an awesome feeling.

Live Life Joyfully

Lots of family and some friends will ask me about my earning potential. The answer is always the same…it is unlimited. However, working 20 hours days or missing one of my kids sport’s game, dance recital, or team debate is never negotiable to me.  My life consist of seeing my family grow…enjoying a good cup of coffee on a regular basis…and playing golf (not as much as I use to…bad back) sometimes…and sometimes surprising my love ones or friends with a nice note or friendly gesture.  Living life joyfully.

If you are looking for a web designer or brand developer, then I am available.  I can be reached at or 678-718-5489.

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