Important Content Guidelines for Church Websites

Most realizes that content is king.  A website content is 2nd most important, outside of design. And bad design can be overlooked with good content, but poor content on a great design can never be overlooked. Many do it yourselves (DIY) seek out content guidelines.

While content guidelines are really about the message, and how it is displayed on your website.  But you have to dig a little deeper to get quality content.  The content needs to be present in a way, that search engine understand (having good keywords…and sentences that do not have keywords stuffed in them). Content that speaks to your visitors.


A voice must be chosen to display your message.  This voice must be consistent through you entire website.  The voice should build an emotional connection to your visitors.  Engaging.  Excitement. Words that satisfied a visitor’s thirty for your website or organization.

Words that describe the importance of coming to hear your message.  Words which lead and direct your website visitor to become a regular, registered member of your faith based organization.  The voice should be your storyteller.

Images and Videos

Placing relevant and professional images on your site is a must. Stay away from borrowing images from Facebook or Twitter. Use a professional photographer.  Update your images on a regular basis.  Do not use stock images, unless it is for a blog post.

Use videos when it is appropriate, such as sermon.  Have a sermon page.  Encourage visitors to comment on the sermon page. Have someone to monitor your sermon page.  Share comments with your senior pastor and pastor committee.  Many times these messages will the the concerns or feeling of your community.  Encourage conversation, as long as it is relevant to the message.

Social Media

Stop being afraid of social media. Create a social media policy. Allow someone to handle your social media platforms. Post upcoming events and important dates and times. Post attendance photos, show your flock smiling and engaging with others.  Make sure the images are engaging and showcase young and old members.

Remember Facebook is not the only form of social media.  Use Twitter, and instragram.  While Facebook will allow you to set up events and have visitors reminded of events. Twitter can be used to create viral events, use hashtags.  Encourage folks to post on their social media platforms, unless it is a sermon.

Image courtesy of Gift Habeshaw.

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