In my business, you will receive that email or voice message from a disgruntle client.  Maybe you missed your target date.  Their site is down.  A plugin is not working as anticipated.  Google analytics numbers are not trending in a popular manner.  The list can go on and on.  Someone has to take the blame (not always you). So how do you handle a bad call or client?

Take the bull by the horn.  The key to effective communication is listening at the most appropriate time and speaking when given the opportunity, I learn this from someone.  Call your client…do not communicate through email or messaging.  If you need to clear out your calendar, then do so…give then a hour.  Make sure to put on your listening cap, and repeat what was the client says.  This website is running slow.  So your concern is over  the speed of the site, we will upload the following plugins to test the speed and make sure it is loading at the following page load speed.  I have not received any payments from this site.  So your concern is over the amount of traffic to your site, we will take a look at the google analytics numbers.  Maybe time for a marketing campaign to give you a little more exposure.

Did anyone notice what was occurring during these calls? Analysis the speed of the site is generally not apart of my design process…I offer the service because it is the right thing to do.  There are several plugins, which will help to increase the page load speed of your site.  Most of my clients on my support plan, get their page load numbers monthly.  Also, if the numbers fall below standard numbers…then I will work to get them up to standard.  My clients do not pay me for this work, but if their site is running fast…Search engine optimization is not penalize… Google analytics numbers should be good…happy client is always a good thing.

What about exposure?  Being a strong supporter of KLT (Know, LIke, and Trust) Marketing Strategy, any opportunity to showcase this marketing tool is always great for me. In the past, I have spend money out of my pocket to create a KLT campaign for a client.  Generating three campaign ( one to get the client’s target audience to know them, another to get that target audience to like the client, and finally a campaign to get the target audience to trust the client), and showing the client the exposure.  Exposure does not always mean sales, but that is another conversation.  In this case, the exposure did mean sales…and the client hired my support company to continue to run KLT marketing campaign.

If you are in need of a re-design (or design), and/or brand marketing, then I am available and can be reached at or 678-718-5489.

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