How to get Long Term and Steady Web Design Project?

A lot of free lance web designer struggle with securing long term and steady projects.  As a free lance web designer, you will have to wear several hats.  Needing to complete projects on a timely basis.  Making sure you have upcoming projects in your sales funnel.

Believing that it takes four areas to keep a steady stream of work, you should focus on building your sales funnel with the following. Find a niche area, conduct some research to find pain points in your niche area, provide some value for your niche clients, and set your niche clients up for success.

Work in a niche area

Find a niche area to work in.  This does not mean; that you can not work in other areas.  However, because you are focusing in one specific area.  You will be begin marketing toward one area.  You will have conversations with one area. You should begin to research a specific industry websites.  You should know, which websites are driving the most traffic.  What is special?  What could be better?

Research and find pain points

Because you are focus on a specific industry.  You can look to see what area or service, that you can provide for your niche client.  Research web solutions.  Call or email to see what are their problem area?  Go to local meetups or chamber of commerce meetings involving your niche audience.  Go to conferences, and ask potential clients.  What would they like to see difference from their on line presence.

Do not re invent the wheel?  Maybe it is having the location in a specific area. Maybe it is providing google map, so potential clients can visit.  Maybe it is the ability to click on notification link.  Maybe it centers around responsive design.  You will need to determine what your client’s pain points are?

Provide value

The paint points do not change from client to client, and it is your responsibility to make sure each potential client website has a solution.  Maybe the issue is about location.  During your presentation, you can mention how it is going to be easy for anyone to see location and times of operation in the most highly traffic area.  You are adding value and solving a pain point at the same time.

Set up client for success

By adding value, you are setting up your client for success. And the bottom line is to have client’s websites solve their pain points. This solution based mind set will keep your sales funnel open for a long time.

Image courtesy of Parker Byrd.

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