I am forever networking

One of the most vital roles of a freelancer is to continue to network and look for opportunities.  The other day, I was at my favorite watering hole (coffee shop) talking shop with a fellow freelancer.  We was discussing business and what was in our pipeline.  He was amazed that my pipeline had about 10 potential projects, not all will become work.  But having something to follow up with in a couple of weeks is critical to my freelance company.

Ways to keep your pipeline full, is too continue to network.  Reaching out to existing clients for referrals…attending MeetUps, Conferences, or Chambers of Commerce Events to meet potential clients…emailing proposals to potential clients.  Making sure you have business cards, because every meeting is a potential projects.  The bottom line is to keep yourself working.


Being apart of the Atlanta WordPress Community, many potential clients have been referred to me because I specialize in a certain industy (faith based and non profit), use a specific theme (Divi from Elegant Themes), and love to assist and help out DIY (Do it yourself) site owners.  Providing help to new or inexperience website owners is a passion of mine, as long as the help does not interfere with my business.

Meetup are more than just discussing the latest trends. It allows me a little time to chat and discuss with fellow freelance designers.  We get to caught up on how business is going, what is the latest trends, and even nudge each other about favorite themes, plugins, etc.


WordCamps are awesome. Having attending over 20 during the past three years.  Establishing friendships from Florida to Pennsylvania, from Washington to New Mexico, from Kansas to South Carolina…I know fellow WordPress Designers, Developers, Plugin creators, Hosting companies, etc…and we all have one thing in common, WordPress.

Not counting the countless t-shirts and gadgets that I have received from WordCamps. My biggest reason for attending these conferences is the fellowship and relationships that I am developing.


Networking is not a bad word.  Meeting a potential client, showcasing your knowledge base can never be a bad thing. Networking is growing your potential base and letting others see your talents.

Image courtesy of Brooke Cagle.


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