I need to fix my social proof

In the mist of Covid-19 (Corona Virus), we at JDS WebDesign are hoping everyone is safe, washing your hands frequently, sneezing and coughing in your elbow, and practicing social distancing.  Over the next several weeks, we are planning on blogging about how to make your website more business friendly.  We will have some tutorials on our favorite plugins and features, which will make your site more efficient.

Having been out of town for the past week, I have noticed that my social proof needs some repair.  Actually while out of town and speaking to a close friend, social proof became a topic of conversation.  Blogging, posting (which I need to improve) and podcasting can assist your social proof.  My issues center around customer testimonies, case studies, social media shares, and press appearances.

Customer Testimonies

With all new client’s, a standard questions that is presented is for a testimony of their experiences.  Generally 75% of my client’s will provide a testimony.  It is suppose to be two folded, one to make sure that my design process is working correctly and to make sure my communication skills is on point.

Generally most of my client’s will provide some good quality testimony for my web site.  Not sure how much of a impact these testimonies will provide, I should put some analytics on the pages.  Or refer potential clients to these pages.

Case Studies

While I do have a case studies page.  The number of case studies that exist do not even compare.  Having a case study on how I took a manual client to an automatic client.  Growing business by over 200%, really needs to be place on my case study page.  Showcasing how one of my project grew a non profit organization over 100% in terms of donations, just be making sure their website was in front of their target audience.

This is something that needs to be incorporated into my work flow.

Social Media Shares

Needing to post more on social media has been a rallying call for me in 2019.  While my number of post have improved, it is no where close to where I need it to be.  Struggling to post about business and family is always an uncomfortable position.  I need to make sure that I am posting on twitter, instagram, facebook and linkedin weekly, and probably daily.

Press Appearances

I have made several presentations at WordCamp.  I speak regularly at MeetUp.  These events need to be on my website.  The other day, while at a MeetUp, the speaker video taped himself.  That is such a great ideal.  Not only can you critic your performance, but you can upload it to your website.

These are all traction actions to increase your expertise level.

Image courtesy of John Schnobrich.

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