How do you find new clients?

While at one of my favorite watering hole (coffee shop), I was asked “how do you find new clients?”.   It was a familiar face, someone had heard me speak at a local meetup about finding clients.  Without missing a beat, I stated one of my favorite quotes.

“Someone problem is an opportunity.” – Gary Vaynerchuk 

As I walked away, I was asked to expand on my response.  Beginning with finding solutions instead of just building website should be goal number one in finding new projects. Seeing that my newly found friend was still puzzled, I asked him about his process.  Job boards, family and friends…I stop him.  You are trying to build websites, instead of creating solutions for problems.  There are many potential projects, where someone needs a website.  These are a dime a dozen.  However, creating solutions keeps my sales funnel open.  Lets look at my last two projects…

Way too much paperwork…

As I was drinking my favorite beverage at my neighborhood watering hole (coffee shop), a fellow customer was complaining about his “waiting period”.  He had a stack of small booklets, and had been waiting for clients to fill out and return the booklets.

I inquired if he had a website.  His website was designed in 2016. It was a handcraft HTML which was non responsive.

“Did you realize that  a modern website could have a form, similar to the booklets and your clients could fill out the forms. Then you would receive an email once the form was completed.  Your client would receive an email advising you had the completed form.

Have you ever thought about a WordPress website?  It would include the following features…

*Responsive (view able on all devices)
*AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
*Unlimited Web Pages
*Unlimited Forms (which could replace all those booklets)
*Basic Search Engine Optimization
*Social Media Package

After exchange of business cards, I had a new client.  He is a therapist.

Social Media Really…

A few weeks ago, I was checking my social media links.  “Are you accepting any new clients?”  While “Yes”, was my first impression.  However, I needed to know what the scope of the project.  It was a membership community based website.  My new client had been a fan of my frequent blog post.

*Unlimited Web Pages
*Buddy Press ( Community Site)
*Membership Plugin
*Payment Gateway
*Secure Socket Layer (SSL Certificate)
*Social Media Package
*Event Calendar
*Basic Search Engine Optimization

While not always looking for a next project.  Looking to create a solution to potential problems has been ways in which my next or newest opportunity are created.

How did you find your latest clients?  What techniques are you using to create a overflowing sales funnel?  I am interested in learning.

Image courtesy of Milada Vigerova.

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