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Every Tuesday, I will present some tips or insight with regards to lifestyle of Free Lance Web Designer’s finances.  Let’s discuss how to get into the mindset of becoming a saver, and not a spender.  If you are currently a saver, then this is just a tool to help you save more.

Again we are all spenders.  You have to pay for your mortgage or rent, electric bill, gas bill, food, and transportation cost…however, having the ability to put back for the raining day will provide some much need stress less days.

Story behind change saving

Growing up, my father paid for everything with dollar bills.  I can remember once we were at our neighborhood grocery store.  He had made a purchased and was given his change.  I asked for some candy, and he gave me a dollar.  I wonder why he did not just hand me his change, after finding some candy…and paying the cashier, I gave my father his change.

Every night, my father would place all his change in a huge jar.  Once the jar was filled, and something overflowing.  He would spend a few hours counting his change and rolling his money up in money wrappers.  He would head to our local bank and      exchange the change for dollars.    He would take the money and place it in an envelop titled emergency funds. This would be base for our emergencies funds.

Not reinventing the wheel

The ideal of saving your changes is not new.  Many financial institutions offer similar programs in which they round up all your purchases and place the balance in your savings.  Saving concepts have been around for a long time, however, getting in a saving mentality is new to a lot of us.

This is a really easy baby step.  Recommend that you open up a money marketing account or some type of holiday fund, in which you are subject to a penalty for early or too many withdrawals.  Get in the mind of saving your money, for that big trip, emergency or life instance, or to reward yourself for being awesome.

In conclusion, I am not a certified public accountant (CPA) or attorney.  These ideas are mine, and have worked for me.  I have been a spending for many years, with nothing to show for it.  Learning some hard lessons about just writing checks without saving and the mental stress of dealing with making sure my finances were above my needs.  I am just point out some basic saving techniques to help save you some unneeded stress.

Image courtesy of Michael Longmire.

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