When Failure is not an option?

A few weeks ago, I was asked about how “FAST” could a website be up and running. I explained that my design process included six steps… Plan, Design, Build, Test, Launch, and Maintenance/Market. I was pressed on my average time frame and I answered anywhere from 30 – 45 days.  “That’s ridiculous, my site needs to be up this week!” .

It could be up in this week.  Do you know your target audience? What message are you trying to convey? How are you going to get traffic to your site?  Do you have the content?  The images?  Blank stare and obviously no a potential client of mine.

“Failing to plan is a plan to fail”

So why is my site failing to meet my expectations?

During my planning stage, I ask for the goals and expectations of the project.  How many visitors are you anticipating? Who are your competitors?  How does their online presence stack up with your website?  What type of return of investment (ROI) does the client expect from the website?

Interestingly, the one week turn around client wants to make $10,000 a month (if you are desiring $10,000 a month in sales, then you need to clear at least $250,000 a year.  This figures takes in account taxes to our favorite uncle, and minimal business expenses).  Failing to plan is a plan to fail.

How come no one is purchasing products/services from my website?

I had a potential client reach to me off social media a few months ago.  They had a website, which needed to be re designed.  The website was a $10,000 project.  It was a startup website.  It was not a functional website, but it was nice.  I started asking what was the goal of the website.  The startup had two owners, one focused on day to day operations and the other focused on the growth of the business.  I asked what was the website goals, and was greeted with two totally different set of goals.

If you do not have a goal, then why would your website succeed. You can not have two cooks in the kitchen.  Nothing will get accomplished.  Goals for one owner centered around cost.  He did not see the reason for spending money to make money.  No discovery or research to find out their target audience.  No sales funnel, as this was an added cost.  He just wanted a basic five page brochure site.  While his partner wanted to incorporate their website into how they could grow the business and the bottom line.  She wanted the website to serve as a lead generator.  Eliminate bad clients, which would cut down on the time she sent pursuing clients, who did not fit into their ideal bucket.

After a quick conversation, they were advised to let us know who would be the point person. That would determine the discovery of the project…we decided to meet in the middle.  Working on a custom design site, with some cost constraints.  All the research and plugins cost, were decided upfront.  Staying on budget was apart of the contract.

If you need a website, to re design you existing website, or some brand development, then I am available.  I can be reached at info@jdswebdesign.biz or 678-718-5489.

Image courtesy of Matthew Henry.

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