Failure equal Opportunity!

A strange title to a blog post, but many of my opportunity (projects) are the results of someone failure.  Not looking for anyone misfortunes.  Recently a newbie (free lancer) asked me about a recent project.  Just happen to be at a MeetUp meeting, helping someone with an issue.  My new client approached with a budget and time frame and wanted to know if I was available.  They had a couple of web designer to begin and stop on the project.  Interested in finding out why, it was about the process and lack of focus.  No need to worry about that, discuss my design process.  Sending him my design questionnaire and two months later a project was created.

A few years ago, a client approached me about hosting and maintenance issues.  Explaining the different type of hosting and what maintenance actually means.  This client signed up on the spot.  The site had been hacked.  Installing wordfence and contacted the prior hosting (they did have a back up…we were lucky).  Offering only cloud hosting and monthly client report, the client was so impressed that I received a huge client.  The prior designer, did not take the time to, explain hosting options.  No maintenance plan, only wanted to invoice for any changes.  The client did not have a clue on how to make changes on their site.

Last week,  a start up prospect asked about a web site for less than $500.00.  Offering to see if a junior developer would be available, the client wanted me to oversee the project.  At their budget, this would not be possible. The junior developer priced the project at close to $1,000.  The client was upset.  Offer another recommendation, using a template.  The client could populate the content and keep the site updated. Did advise the client that this was a short term solution.  Would not recommend the template over 6 – 12 months.  The client would need to establish a custom design web site, something in the $3 – 5, 000 range.

Image courtesy of Cathryn Lavery.

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