I had a defining moment this past week!!!

On Monday, I received an email from Stripe.com, indicating one of my recurring payments was flagged as “fraudulent”.  I was totally shocked.  This payment was a recurring payment.  The client was provided with an email about four days prior to the payment hitting their bank, and I provided the client with an option to contact me to stop the payment.

A few months ago, this client had had an issue with funds being in their account and had several overdraft fees charged to their account. I offer to reimburse the fee, but would not pay for their overdraft fees.  I was trying to build a long term relationship and felt bad for my client.

What do you mean fraudulent?

Now I received an email from stripe.com, and I am totally confused.  I reached out to my payment gateway.  I was advised my client claimed the payment was an unauthorized payment.  I advised this was a recurring payment for hosting and maintenance support.  This was the sixth or seventh payment.  I was advised by my payment gateway to send support, which would be forward to the client’s bank.  It was up to  the client’s bank to overturn the fraudulent charge.

I reached out to my client.  I left a message about the fraudulent charge and advised that the charge was a recurring one.  The client had approved the payment over six months ago.  I had even send an email advising when the payment was going to be taken out.  The client would advised that they should have cancelled the services.

You need to reimburse me for past charges!

I instructed the client, that my relationship with my payment gateway was tarnished. I advised them that the contract, email of upcoming payment, and list of payments would be forward to their bank.  I advised that I would be sending a paypal invoice, since the services have been provided.  I advised the client that they had to the end of the month to secured hosting, payment for domain transfer, and migration cost.

I have received several “I’m sorry” and “I did not want to put your business in any bad light”, but this client still has not executed the past invoice.

“Not all clients are my client”.  My defining moment of the week.

Image courtesy of Mikayla Mallek.

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