Your job is not to be a credit manager !

One of my favorite web designer, April Wier, Sugar Five Design Digital Agency told me a long time ago to not be a credit manager.  Like most, I was a little confused.

Then April provide me with a really interesting story.  Prior to opening her design agency, April sold above ground swimming pools.  Well one day, on a typical sales call, she was sent to a prospective client.  It was in a rural area, an older gentlemen in overall…with no shirt, and some worn over boots.  There were several old, beat up cars in the drive way.  The house was a wooden shack, and a couple of homily looking animals were running around.

April called her boss to see “why, was she sent to this appointment ?”.  It was obvious that this prospective client could not afford an above ground swimming pool.  She was greet with you are a sales representative and not the “credit manager”.  She closed the deal and sold the older gentlemen, the biggest and most expensive pools.  Later when pressed, April would tell us that the older gentlemen’s wife was about twenty years younger and he like to see his wife in a bikini.

How many of us go into credit manager mode?

You are close to making a sale.  Will quoting what I am worth kill the deal?  Instead of quoting what you are worth, you give a price of what you think the prospective can pay.  You under bid your services and while you might get some new business.  The numbers in the end, just do not add up.

I have done this !!! So how do you stop being the credit manager, and keep yourself in sales mode.  My advise would be to not get into sales mode…stay in problem solving mode.  Obviously your prospective has a problem or situation.  You need to offer solutions and find out what that solution is worth to them.  If it is a minor (at least for them) issue, then make sure you offer a minor solution.  However if you can create some value, then charge or submit a bid for adding the value.

If you are looking for a web designer, and/or brand developer, then I am available.  I can be reached at or 678-718-5489.

Image is courtesy of Rawpixel.

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