One of the toughest conversations to have with a fellow free lance web designer is do you have a budget.  How does you budget plan work?  I was fortunate to have a mentor early in my entrepreneur live, who made me do two exercises.

How much do I really need

One of the first exercise that I performed was to look at my check book and bank statement.  I wrote down my mortgage expense, electric bill, water bill, gas bill, cable, internet, insurance, food, personal items, and tithe cost.  My mentor did not want to know my entertainment cost.  Then I had to find out, how much does my wife contribute to the monthly expenses.  Lastly, I added 50% to that number, for expenses and taxes.  I needed to bring in that amount each month…it was lower than anticipated.

Next my mentor introduce me to saving account.  I had been saving for about twenty years, but in a little different manner.  My saving was used for vacations, expense gifts, or emergencies. My mentor advised me that there would be some lean months, and my savings could be the differences in being homeless and keeping my family in our warm and cozy house.

Fifty two envelops

Do you want to know how to get $1,338, with an investment of $1?  Go to your local Dollar Tree (or dollar store) and purchase box of envelops.  Grab 52 envelops.  Number them 1 – 52.  Each week take an envelop and what number on the envelop, you will need to deposit that amount in your saving account.  In 52 weeks or 1 year, you will have $1, 338.

Now the hard part!  Once you have $1, 338…you can not spend it all.  Set a limit, say $1000.  Keep the other $338 in your savings and go get some envelops for the next year.  You will have 1, 676.00.  This exercise is a true test of discipline to make payments weekly and more discipline to not spend it all.

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