Breaks are Important

Last week, I meet with a fellow web designer  and we discuss each other’s work flow, design process and breaks.  Taking or not taking breaks became the center of our discussion.  She did not take any breaks during the day.  Clean out emails, work on new projects, check emails, send out emails, look for inspiration, pick up kids, send out emails, work  on securing new clients, check homework, cook dinner and off to bed.  Her schedule exhausted me…

No breaks.

I take several breaks during the day, week, and month.  My breaks come in the form of MeetUps, Meeting, Social Media (especially twitter) news or in some case fake news, lunch, workouts, bookstore inspiration, shopping mall excursion, and espn (or any major sporting event) breaks. Creativity needs a short break to be fully realized, at least in my case.

Being absolutely astonish, I did advise her that there is a positive reason for my madness.  It is broken down in the important areas.  These areas were told to me by a really good friend.  He is a designer as well…

Structure your breaks

All my breaks are structured.  Working over a couple hours on a project, warrants a break.  Stand up and stretch.  Turn on the television and check out the latest news or sports show.  Pull up or (please do not judge me…they have awesome deals) in my browser.

Finding myself stuck or uninspired.  Check out the latest podcast. Look for inspiration on the internet.  See where the latest WordCamp is being held. Read blog posting related to my work or field of interest.  Review design process and make sure all my T have been crossed and I have been dotted.

Sometimes no reason is needed.  Call my wife and invite her to lunch. Go to the driving range. Check out the PGA Store. Email or call a colleague and have lunch.

Clear Mind is good

Have you ever been stuck in your own way?  You clear your mind and all your creative juices … just flow.  I am a huge 70’s and 80’s music buff.  Youtube, Amazon and Google Music best of the 70’s and 80’s music.  With being a husband, father, son, and friend to many…sometimes I just need to clear my mind.

Walk in the park.  Play catch with my son.  Give hitting tips to my son.  Having lunch with my daughter.  Checking out the latest restaurant in my area.  Looking at my friends (web designers) new creations.  Checking out Facebook groups, which are in my field.  Going to for latest design tips.  Heading to my favorite Barnes and Nobles.  Grabbing a book and finding a comfortable chair to just relax and clear my mind.

Time your social breaks

Linkedin is my favorite social media platform. All business without the nonsense.  Facebook is a close second.  Twitter and Instagram is my least favorite social media platform.  However I am on twitter and Instagram the most.  It is all the fake news and individuals posting really devise comments.

Timing my social media breaks is essential.  Allowing myself no more than 45 minutes on social media platforms during my eight (8) hour day is plenty.  I will admit that sometimes, that limit is overdrawn.  But usually that occurs when I work longer than 8 hours.

Hope you are taking a break on Black Friday (which is today),

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