Are you an Amateur or Professional Free Lance Web Designer?

If you really have to ask the question, then more than likely you know the answer.  However many folks ask me all the time, if I consider myself a professional or amateur free lance web designer?  While this question could be an insult to some, it really is a question about is all free lance web designer’s amateur.  There is still an underlining belief that if you do not work for an agency, and namely a large agency, then you are probably an amateur.

My answer isI am a Professional Free Lance Web Designer!!!

I am going to provide a few area to measure if you are a amateur or professional free lance web designer.

Effective Communication

Do you have a business policy on communication?  Getting back to my client(s) within one business day is my policy.  How do you communicate?  Email, Phone, Zoom, and/or mail … it really does not matter how, well do not use the snail mail, just do it.  Most communications are request.  Something is needed. Something should be added.  Something is not working. Something needs to be built. If these request are in your area of expertise, then complete them.  If they are not, then provide some providers to assist your clients.

Clear Expectation (contracts and goal documentation)

One of the most important elements of all my relationships is providing clear expectation, objectives and goals.  This is what we can do, when we can do them, and how you can view and measure them.  Making sure you have all your project goals in a contract and time line is critical.

Having a clear contract can eliminate problem or boundary pushers clients.  If it is not in the contract, then it is not in the scope and not covered.

Showstopper work

Showcase your work. Be proud of the fact that you worked hard and your client’s love your vision and expertise. Have a portfolio and keep it up to date. A few months ago, a fellow designer asked me how often do I update my portfolio.  My answer was simple, every time I create a new vision.  She was concern that her client’s might be pushed off the front page of her portfolio.  My response was simple…if your client’s need traction based on your site, then they need to hire a brand developer.  Or you might need to assist them with gaining traction.

Networking and looking for opportunities

Network.  Network.  Network.  And network some more. Attend local meetups, chambers of commerce meeting, local library meeting, and seek opportunities on industry specific podcast.  Join Facebook groups, Linkedin groups, and Forums.  Helping your fellow competitors is huge.  Not only does it showcase your expertise, it also can build opportunities for you.

Keep up with the latest trends

You have to keep learning.  Read blog post.  Read books, typically I will spend at least one hour a day reading something. Find your industry standard and keep up with changes which are occurring in your industry.  Look for web designer, who specialize in the latest trends.  Try them on demo sites, and use them on new projects.

Social Media

You have to make sure to post on all your social media platforms.  Facebook.  Twitter. Instragram. Linkedin. Youtube.

These are several ways to position yourself as an professional and not an amateur free lance web designer.

Image courtesy of Steinar Engeland.


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