My first book review in 2018 (remember this is actually my 2nd book, my 1st book is apart of a mastermind group), “Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success” by Steve Harvey.  Steve is a comedian, movie actor, game show host, morning radio show host, inspirational/motivation speaker, and (of course) author.

“Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success” was a easy read, maybe too easy as most of the chapters were less than 12 pages long.  The book had a lot of lessons at the end of the chapter, something that is not my favorite.  These lessons made me put the book down too often, while I was ready to just read and relax.

There was several good lessons/stories, and without given too much details.  Chapter 3, “Take the lid off your jar” was an excellent chapter.  Steve outlines that as a young student, his teacher asked him and his classmates to “write down what they wanted to do later in life”. Steve wrote down “be on television”.  His teacher had all his classmates tell the class “what they had wrote down”.  Become a Policeman, Ball Player, Teacher, Lawyer, Doctor, Factory Worker, etc…when it was Steve’s turn, his teacher asked him to come to the front of the class. He told his teacher and classmates that he wanted to be on television.  He teacher scolded him for being a class clown. “Who do you know on television? Anyone in your family on television?” He was sent home with a note from his teacher.  His mother was not happy.  But when his father came home, his mother told him what Steve had done.  And his father’s response was “What wrong with him wanting to be on television?”  His father took the lid off his jar (the imaginary ceiling for your dreams).

Steve did a video about this chapter, “Take the Lid off the Jar.”

Another good lesson/story is Chapter 10 “Man on a rope”.  To reach success, you will have to pull a wagon up a steep hill with only a rope. It is a old and beat up wagon, which hold anyone you want.  The people on the wagon can not get off and help you pull with the rope.  They can use their feet to push up the wagon.  They can massage your muscles as you tire, they can provide you with water as you get thirsty, they can hold a brim over your head for shade during the hot time of the day, then can provide an anchor for the rope as you try to get some sleep.  A really good story about making sure as you climb the mountain of success, make sure you do not have hang-on folks in your corner (wagon).  Surround yourself with helpers and believers and lechers.

Overall this is an awesome book and easy read.  Four thumbs up on my scale of five.

Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success  

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