8 to 5 Workday

Does your workday consist of an 8 to 5 work schedule?  The answer is no.  A simple no.  But a no. Some free lancer have told me that they only work 8am to 5pm, and make enough to pay all their bills.  However after 12 successfully years, this is not me.

My morning routine

Usually I am up around 5:30 to  6:00 am.  My day begins with a cup of coffee and then the day begins.

While I do not work 12 or 20 hours a day.  Typically my day ends, when all or most of my task are completed.  My schedule is divided into four sections.  The morning session is dedicated to morning prayer and mediation.  This session helps to move me to a positive mind set, which allows me to be in the proper mindset.  After morning mediation, then I check on my emails and open up Asana.  Most of my emails and texts are rooted in someone having an issue with their website.  I work on solving the simple fixes first, and devise a plan on the more complicated emails.  Next a list of daily task is created.  The task could be work on a project, attend a MeetUp, and create a blog post.

My mid morning routine

If I am attending a MeetUp, then I plan on working on all my email.  If it is around the 15th, then I make sure all invoices are sent.  If it is around the 5th, then all my client reports are completed.  If it is a Thursday or Friday, I check to see any auto charges and make sure that funds are available.

If I am not attending a MeetUp, then I like to read web designer blogs (Elegant Themes, B3 Multimedia, and Divi Space are on the top of my list this week).  Sometimes I will read a book for an hour or two, as long as it is design to help me build a strong business.

I have been know to take an short nap, depending on how long my previous day lasted.  My mid morning is dedicated to learning my craft. Typically, I end my mid morning routine with a health lunch.

After lunchtime routine

Typically, this is the 2nd time that I review Asana and my emails.  A quick review of any unfinished task.  That becomes my focus for this session.  This site might need to have a post scheduled.  Contact form might be sending a lot of spam, add a spam plugin. Site needs to be updated, add the new content.

Might need to set up a zoom meeting to discuss a new project.  Upload a plugin on a test site. Does the plugin solve a client’s issue. Look for some new work.  Update my current site.  Reach out to several of my partners, to ensure that our business agreement is working for both of us.

Mid day routine

Finish my task on my list. Sometimes a incentive is needed, maybe the opportunity to enjoy a good book later that day.  A round of golf.  Enjoy coffee at my favorite watering hole.  All work and no play is not good for anyone.  This is the section of the day, which could end around 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00,  or 9:00pm.  I do have a rule of thumb that all work needs to be resolved by 9:00pm. If it is not completed, then it become my 1st task in the morning.  Too many late days, are not good for me.

Most complex issues can be solved with youtube, google, WordPress books, and/or quick call to one of my WordPress Community friends.

My 9 to 5 routine

In conclusion, one of the best advice that I received in 2007 was your day ends when all the work is completed.  Unfortunately that is typically not at 5:00pm.

Image courtesy of Lucas Law.

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