3 Ways to Start Your Business

We talk to want be entrepreneurs on a daily basis.  Prospective clients, who have the next UBER project, Social Media Platform, or catchy phrase with no product or services.  Networking is one of our major ways to locate and secure prospective clients…it is also how we meet individuals, who want to become entrepreneurs.  Generally you need at least 3 ways (things) to start your business.  Outside of finances, which should be obvious.  Motivation…Business Plan…Team.


You will need to find your motivation.  It is hard to get up everyday, knowing most do not understand your vision.  Doors closing in your face.  Questions are presented to you with no by able answer. Developing an idea, which is going to change the world or at least 10 thousand people’s world.  Think about that!!! If you can create something that 10 Thousand people love enough to pay $100 for it…you become an millionaire.  And if you can create recurring revenue…support, and maintenance.  Then you have no ceiling. However finding the motivation to push through those close doors…is key.

Business Plan

Business plan will be needed to showcase your research.  Who will need your ideal?  Why will they need it?  How are you going to provide them with it?  The benefit of your service/product to them.  Business plan is more than just a document to get a loan or interest from a venture capitals.  Your business plan can determine your corporate identity.

Business plan allows you to do research.  How are you going to reach out to your target audience?  What are you measuring your finding against?  Why your service/product is so relevant?  Your business plan is going to be the blue print to how you are going to identify the 10 thousands clients and why they are going to pay you $100 each.


Reliable team!!!  Stop thinking you can answer all your phone calls, forward all the contracts, design all your projects/services, deliverable all your projects/services…you need help.  Not just any help, but a reliable team.  You can not market, brand, develop, and create everything by yourself.  Develop you a team.  A good team.

Create a culture of success.  Allow team members to run with your concept.  Using someone else talents to benefit your organization is smart management.

Image courtesy of Brooke Lark.

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