WordCamp Review

I have been blessed to attend all five (5) WordCampUs. I was at WordCamp Us in Philadelphia in 2015 and 2016.  I was at WordCamp Us in Nashville in 2017 and 2018.  And I was at WordCamp Us in St. Louis in 2019.

Most of my freelancer friends will ask me about why do I keep coming to WordCamp US. It really is very simple.  There is three reason for my consistent visits.  Meeting old and new friends.  Visiting with plugins and themes developers to discuss new features and past issues. Lastly swag and more swag.


Upon arrival to St. Louis, I went to the Divi MeetUp.  I got a chance to discuss some new features with Elegant Theme founder, Nick Roach. Hearing the passion and listening to what the community feels is needed, provide me with reassurance that I am using a quality product.

Interesting, I meet Nick at WordCamp US 2015 in Philly.  He remember us taking a selfie in the cold morning.  We discuss Divi 4.0.  I advised him that we had a MeetUp in Atlanta, and maybe if we could do a zoom call with either him or Nathan Waller, Community Manager for Elegant Theme.  He was very supportive and connected me with Nathan.

While at Divi MeetUp, I meet a new freelancer.  We discussed business, and I offered a few pointers.  This weekend would be filled with us discussing how to improve each others business.  Later I would walk to the venue and was greeted with many of my WordPress Community friends.


Meeting with the Divi Crew was a top priority, but not my only priority.  I meet my Siteground folks.  I have about 10 clients on a cloud hosting account.  Having a few questions about my account, the Siteground folks were more than accommodating.

Next I went to visit my Flywheel folks. We discuss some issues that I would like to have resolved.  Within 10 minutes of my conversation, my sales representative email me. Many new things are coming from Flywheel hosting.  I can not wait to see what 2020 has to offer for my business and my client’s.

Next I visited my friend from Godaddy, Bluehost, Liquid Web, Site Lock, and WooCommerce.  I picked us some value information about what each is planning in the near future. Next I went to lunch with a couple of future partners.  We discussed how to grow each other’s business.  Then I wen to hear a couple of my friends as they presented at WordCamp Us


I come for the swag.  Yes, I had over 10 t-shirts.  I had screen protector.  I have several coffee cups.  I had several journals. I love swag.  A couple of bags. Several stickers. Plenty of pens.  Boldgrid’s stain removal pen.

As WordCamp Us was winding down, I overheard a conversation.  A fellow community member was taking time out to assist a newbie.  He was offering information on how to start a freelance business?  What was needed to be success?  Providing everything that he did to become success, and lastly he gave the newbie his business card.  He was going to outsource some business to the newbie to make sure that a good foundation was established.

I have had the pleasure of meeting many life long friends at WordCamp US.  I can not wait till next year…hope it is a little warmer in St. Louis.

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